Sunday, December 27, 2009

Charlotte's Blessing 12/27/2009

We blessed little Charlotte today. It was cool. I was nervouse, but it was great. I do have tons of pictures on my facebook page. Still haven't found my groove with this whole blogging thing. Don't know what else to write, but I just heard that Reid is in the bathroom now. He will be in their for awhile, things are going a little rough in there. he is tiling it, not what you probably thought as you read that.

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  1. Dude scott smile a bit,,, Its crazy overwhelming that these kids look to us for their every need. I know what your feeling. Anyway, its great that you've got a blog to update us on things. I havn't been able to access my facebook for nearly 9 months now. so this is my only connection to things. By the way this is Ken, Lynsie is the one who usually keeps our blog updated so that is who it will say responded to your post. We love you guys and can't wait to see you soon.